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All You Can Inc. Providing Basic Needs and emergency resources for at risk families in central PA. 

About Us

Our mission


 The Mission is to provide basic needs and emergency resources to at-risk families in the central Pennsylvania area. At the All you Can our Mission is in the Title and we encourage families and Donors to do "All You Can" when giving back families in need. Providing basic needs and emergency resources to at-risk families in Dauphin county is essential to community restoration. You'll be amazed how far a small donation can go to those who really need it. Here at All You Can we are direct to the community meaning there are no third-party distributors. We collect, We Package, Prepare Then we distribute. This is a way to guarantee the items that are collected go directly to families in urgent and difficult times in their lives.



Our staff and faculty at the All you Can are from the local areas we serve. We have a wide range of wonderfully talented individuals ready to fight the good fight. From teachers to business owners there is a wide spectrum of experience that can benefit families at times of need. Volunteers line up for the programs we have throughout the years annually. Community-Based, and rich with resources for the families our Faculty makes sure we give it our all when it comes to giving back.  With the Okay and supervision from the parents, we even encourage the district's students to come out and volunteer. Encouraging the youth to give back at an early age will engage tradition. Passing that down by the generations could stimulate a shift in the culture and inspire this to be the future. 

Our history


The All you Can team has been giving back for nearly a decade! The Founder Ralph Rodriguez Sr started as the Mentee that Became the mentor in the streets of Harrisburg PA.  That led to many efforts such as community gardens, Motivational speeches, and the conception of the All You Can Inc. The All You Can Christmas drive is our flagship program that started it all. Working with many Mayor administrations and touring schools and camps in the district, We here at All you Can understand that giving back is not always a material item. For the most part, sharing your time and being there for the families in the community goes a long way. Our History and roots are embedded deeply within the Central PA area and we look forward to our next decade service the families of central PA. We know together we can assist families throughout the region and become the staple for the communities to lean on in times of essential and basic needs.